Meet the Heroes: Mesmeric

This week I’ll be looking at the different pregenerated heroes who appear in the Amazing Heroes book. You’ll recognise them from the cover.


Dominic Blaze is an old school magician. An escapologist, a counjourer and an illusionist. He sells out the Old Review in the heart of Storm City for two weeks a year, and spends the rest of his time living a life of luxury in his Mountainside mansion. Every year the agents from Las Vegas offer him millions to put on a show there, and every year he says no.

Dominic Blaze is also a practioner of very different, very real magic. He guards a portal to the abyss, a portal which lies beneath his mansion, sealed with powerful wards. The portal is at risk both from creatures in the Abyss that wish to break out into our world, and those in our world who would use its power if they knew of it. Dominic’s job is to keep it secret, and keep it safe.

Design notes

Mesmeric is pretty obviously, a magic using superhero, and as such provides a route into all kinds of supernatural adventures. But his elemental powers make him well equipped for other kinds of adventure as well.

Dominic’s profession provides him with wealth, celebrity and a range of skills that might come in useful on an adventure. If you’re the GM you’d want to take every opportunity to have him wrapped in chains and thrown into deep water, or locked in a box that’s about to be cut in half.

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