Meet the heroes: Storm Bird

This week I’ll be looking at the different pregenerated heroes who appear in the Amazing Heroes book. You’ll recognise them from the cover.

Storm Bird

Petra Lynch, aka Storm Bird, is a witch, but that’s not what makes her a hero. She was brought up in one of the United Covens, who believe in keeping to themselves and quietly protecting the world from bad magic.

Petra believed in going into the world, learning to program computers, getting a job as an analyst in a giant hedge fund, and living the good life. Until the hedge fund turned out to be a giant ponzi scheme and Petra had to combine her talents for building gadgets, hacking computers and performing witchcraft to save the fortunes of a lot of ordinary people.

That’s what makes her a hero.

Design notes

Petra’s a mix of modern day hacker and old fashioned witch, which should create plenty of opportunities for creative plans in play. Her ‘villains of choice’ are white collar criminals, a part of the criminal world that gets relatively little exposure in superhero stories, but which could add an interesting angle to lots of adventures. If your band of heroes needs someone to follow a lead back to the top of a conspiracy, Petra’s your woman.

Deciding to make a hero a witch meant I had to make some decisions about witchcraft and what that might look like in the game. The United Covens are somewhat inspired by the covens in The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, existing (mostly) quietly and invisibly alongside ordinary society. So now, if you want to play a witch, you can; and if you want a bad witch, well, presumably they’re a rogue one; and if no-ones playing someone with supernatural knowledge and your heroes need help with a demon, then they can stop by that little village a few hours drive away and make some polite enquiries.

I didn’t set out to write a game with witchcraft in it, but there you go.

You can find out more by visiting the Kickstarter.

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  1. That is awesome that you’ll be able to have witches in the game. That’s definitely going to make my oldest daughter very happy!

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