Meet the heroes: Kendra Shade

This week I’ll be looking at the different pregenerated heroes who appear in the Amazing Heroes book. You’ll recognise them from the cover.

Kendra Shade

Kendra came to Storm City to study martial arts at the legendary Ichi’s Dojo, which is located near the docks. Ichiru Sugiyama has taught her to achieve amazing effects by harnessing her energy, but he’s insisted she put her skills to good use, attempting to clean up the docks, and assisting him in his own battles against more mysterious, and sinister foes.

Design Notes

Kendra is a very ‘street level’ superhero. She’s got no alias, no mask and no costume. Just a cool sword and some awesome skills. If you want to haunt the streets at night while taking down all flavours of bad-guys with well judged martial arts, she’s your woman.

Although ‘end of season one’ Kendra has some super-powers derived from her martial arts she could easily be kept as a non-super, but still awesome character instead.

Kendra’s character could easily lead into adventures themed around supernatural foes, like those in season 2 of Daredevil, but she could equally develop into a Black Widow style superspy.

Want to know more about Amazing Heroes? Watch the video below, or check out the Kickstarter today!

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