WFRP Character Sheet

Update: The most recent versions of the WFRP sheets can be found here

Following on from my Zweihander character sheets, I’ve made a form fillable character sheet for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay.

Form fillable Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Character Sheet

There were a few things I didn’t like about the regular sheet so I made some changes. Basic details – name, species and career – appear in big letters at the top of the page, CV style. You can upload a portrait (I suggest a line drawing with a transparent background for best results), and there’s plenty of space for recording your ambitions and motivation.

Psychology and corruption have been moved to the front page, which I think of as the ‘role-playing’ side. Everything you want to know about your character in normal play is right there – with the personality stuff right up at the top. For skills I’ve taken advantage of things auto calculating to take a field out of the skill display, this helps reduce the density of numbers on the page.

For core stats I’ve reversed the order they’re listed in. Current stats display in bold, straight under the relevant characteristic. Initial and advances are listed beneath because they’re less important.

You can indicate career skills and stats by selecting the adjacent button.

The back side starts with the combat section. Everything you need in the event of a fight is here. And it doubles as an equipment list, since your weapons, armour and trappings are all listed here.

I put an explanation of the currency alongside the money section – it comes up often enough at my table – and then experience and related career information is listed last since you only ever need it once a session.

Some of the code has been adapted from the Encounter Roleplay character sheet. Which uses the traditional layout, and which you can find here.

Update: I’ve fixed a bug related to the ride and row skills, they now calculate properly

Update 2: I found a way to cut the filesize from 20MB to 5MB. You’ll thank me.

Update 3: Layers! You can not turn off the background image for a crisp, printer friendly black and white sheet!

Update 4: Pure souls rejoice! The corruption track can now account for the Pure Soul talent.

5 thoughts on “WFRP Character Sheet

  1. Definitely and improvement, but there’s still a lack is space for Advanced/Grouped Skills, and Talents. I’d probably suggest a seperate sheet for Talents with maybe profile entry boxes for each Talent? A seperate Spells & Prayers sheet too…

    I definitely think the original has a weird layout…

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  3. Just a note to say thanks for this AWESOME character sheet — I’m new to WFRP, and this is super helpful and saving me from scratching out numbers on reams of paper as I play around with character creation! I found this page via Google via Reddit, but I just gotta say I also own Amazing Tales, which I play regularly with my 4 and 8 year old nephews who love the game. In addition to their love of the story-telling aspect, they’ve come up with their own extremely complex combat system for extended battles using a range of Pokemon-style attacks!

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