Zweihander Character Sheet

This has nothing to do with Amazing Tales. But if you play the Zweihander Roleplaying game and you’d like a one page, form fillable character sheet I’ve made one. (This post has been updated 5 April 2019)

The one page, form fillable Zweihander character sheet you’ve been dreaming of. Auto-calculates skills, peril and damage thresholds, dodge, and parry.

Form fillable version

Blank version for printing

It’s designed for one shot play, and for players who are new to the system and don’t have much time to learn it. So the idea is that all the stats you need are in one place, organised in a way that hopefully makes them easy to find. All the skills and a bunch of the secondary stats are auto-calculated, including a drop down for your armour choice.

Dreams of a drop down weapon list that auto-populates the appropriate fields are currently on hold. and I risked losing the will to live if I tried to add drop down menus for focus selections. But it does automatically assign your highest melee skill to parry.

When I’ve run one shots for other systems I like the flip side of the character sheet to incorporate background, a rules cheat sheet, notes on any rules that might be particularly relevant to this character, the equipment list and so on. If that sounds good to you you might want the two page version of the character sheet. It includes a spot for you to embed an image of the character.

The two page version. Includes a very short rules summary, space for character specific notes and a spot to upload a portrait of the character.

Form fillable version

Blank version for printing

In related news, I’ve levelled up in InDesign and AdobeAcrobat Pro

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