Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Character Sheet Collection

So while I spent most of the last month sweating on the Amazing Tales kickstarter (Funded, thank you all!) , I needed some distraction activities. And that ended up being completing my project to create user friendly character sheets for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, with variants for users of arcane and divine magic.

The basic form fillable character sheet

So, without further ado…

What’s so good about these sheets? Well first, they’re form fillable, and I’ve used that to handle a lot of the calculation that WFRP requires. So when you update a characteristic the associated skills auto-update. Toughness bonuses, strength bonuses and the like are auto-calculated. There’s even an extra tick-box for halflings to change the wound calculation.

There are similar tick boxes for the talents that impact other, secondary characteristics. So there’s one for Pure Soul, to modify your corruption limit and two for sturdy and strong back, which modify your encumbrance limit.

In terms of layout I’ve tweaked a few things:

I’ve not included space for hair colour, eye colour and the like. Instead there’s a space to upload a photo, and a big space for a paragraph of text at the top. In there you can keep track of your motivation, ambition and any physical characteristics you care about.

There’s a little bullet you can highlight next to characteristics and skills so you can indicate the ones that are part of your current career.

All the skills and talents and ‘roleplaying’ stuff has been moved to the front page. That’s what you’ll want to be looking at most of the time. On the back page is everything you need for combat, and your equipment list. Experience and career info is on the back as well – you only need it once a session.

For magic users I’ve attempted to liberate you from having to constantly page through the rulebook, and/or trying to fit everything into a tiny space on the character sheet. The magic user sheets have extra pages devoted to your magical skills and spells. For both there’s a summary of the key rules, room to write in all your spells/blessings/miracles and your essential skills and talents are automatically repeated there.

The extra pages for the Arcane Sheet

Finally, while I like the faux parchment background I’m aware that some people (and their printers) don’t. So all the character sheets are organised into layers, meaning you can turn off the background.

10 thoughts on “Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Character Sheet Collection

  1. Just about to start GMing a WFRP campaign for the first time in 25 years, and having ceased playing RPGs before the internet was a thing it’s amazing to find the amount and quality of free resources like this. Top work!

  2. This is fantastic work. Thank-you! If I could make one suggestion: by the end of their second career level, characters can already get up to 13 Talents, not counting anything they might pick up outside the career. Can I suggest reducing the space for notes on ambitions etc. at the top of the sheet to allow for more rows?

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