Inferno playtest session 7: Carmilla’s comeuppance

I have been remiss in blogging these sessions, but work on Inferno continues. So – how did the campaign conclude?

After the PvP events of session 6, it was time to get everyone back on the same page for session 7. Fortunately all the PCs were on board with this, and no-one used their turn sheets to do anything sinister to each other. The game began with the news that Carmilla von Carnstein was set to marry Prince Leopold – Queen Victoria’s youngest son – and so place a vampire at the heart of the British Empire. The news contained other worrying suggestions, with numerous senior members of the Inferno club finding themselves arrested, detained or otherwise inconvenienced. Someone, it seemed, had been talking.

Meanwhile, Carmilla’s dramatic fashion sense had become a craze, and the streets were full fashionable ladies sporting pale makeup, blood red lipstick and a lot of black lace. In honour of the wedding, London was going Goth.

Just who had been talking became apparent when during their investigations one of the players found themselves being shadowed by the Pipistrel Gang, now seemingly controlled by the sinister Renfield (who had been a PC, but the player involved had to drop out at the exact moment he went rogue – so that worked out nicely.) The player involved in this part of the group mission botched his investigation roll, and so found the gang closing in and things looking bad. When the group challenge was passed we had to explain how he escaped – enter PEEL, the predictive policing system developed back in session 3. Once again London’s finest were in the right place at the right time, and the gange were forced to retreat.

In another call back to the start of the game Lord Armstrong was back in business, seemingly rehabilitated, and had installed one of his refrigeration machines below St Pauls, ostensibly to ensure the bodies of entombed British Heroes were perfectly preserved. Our heroes, having encountered this creation before were far from convinced by this explanation.

Ultimately, Carmilla met her end moments away from her complete triumph, as ‘malfunctioning’ refrigeration pipes panicked the wedding guests and froze the bride, exposing her to both demonic attack and ritual banishment. The Empire was saved, and the mysterious protagonists vanished in a waiting carriage.

All in all, a nice epic end to a great little campaign. One that brought the players properly into the mysteries of the Inferno club, and gave them plenty of strings to pull on if they wanted to go further.

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