Progress report

I know, there haven’t been updates for a while. But Amazing Tales has been progressing quietly behind the scenes. How far along are we?

  • The text is finished, the game is written!
  • The text is being laid out for publication
  • Most of the illustrations are complete
  • We’ve just about finished the front and back covers

That, is a lot of progress. How much more is there to do? Well, a bit. Once layout and illustrations are finished then we’ve got to have Drivethru rpg deliver a sample copy, check it’s good, make any remaining changes and then we’ll have a book that’s ready for the world.

To give an idea of how things are looking these days – here’s a finished piece of artwork, showing a fairy from the Deep Dark Wood. The finished book will probably have around 25 full page pieces like this, all by the wonderful iris of

male fairy web.jpg

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