Amazing Tales will include four full settings to help fire up your creative juices. Each setting will include suggestions for characters, game ideas and advice on how to make the best of the possibilities. I picked the settings to be ones children are often familiar with, through other books, TV, film and make believe. The settings are

The Deep Dark Wood – home to fairies, talking animals and all manner of magical creatures

Magical Kingdoms – where knights in armour, dragons, princes and princesses adventure

The Pirate Seas – treasure, adventure, mysterious islands and the smell of gunpowder on the sea air

Adventures beyond the stars – take your adventures into space, with aliens, robots and rocket ships

Each setting will be illustrated with a full page image, crammed with inspiration and ideas for stories. All the full page illustrations have now reached concept art stage, so we can take a look at how they’re coming together. And here they are

Most recent, and least developed is this, for magical kingdoms. Lots of things in here are ideas that will develop further.


In contrast, the first piece we worked on, and the most developed is the Deep Dark Wood


Still very much at the sketching stage is this for the Pirate Seas. Even so, the figure leaning off the front of the first ship is packed with adventure.


And here we are, beyond the stars.


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