Meet a hero: Aquila

This week I’ll be looking at the different pregenerated heroes who appear in the Amazing Heroes book. You’ll recognise them from the cover.

Professor Scott Danton / Aquila

This is Professor Scott Danton, a former astronaut who teaches astrophysics at Green University, in the north of Storm City. His NASA career was brought to an end when his experimental space ship was briefly pulled through some kind of portal before returning to our dimension with its crew members unconscious.

Since then Scott has learned that he can control the density of his body, from light as a feather to solid as steel, and beam cosmic rays from his eyes. This makes it possible for him to fly, and he’s even able to pass through solid objects by rendering himself gaseous.

A side effect of using his powers is that it turn’s Scott’s skin silver, except for the eagle ‘aquila’ tattoo on his chest. He had that done when he learned he was going into space, and no matter what he does, it remains visible.

Since developing his superpowers Professor Danton has encountered a number of strange and dangerous things connected to the hi-tech hub that is based around Green University. He’s also had a couple of interviews with a mysterious government agency that calls itself E.S.R.A. who seem to suspect that there is more to him than meets the eye.

Design notes

Aquila is an example of a character who gained their powers as a result of super-science. He’s got a science background himself, which opens up new investigative opportunities for any party that includes him. If a player created a character like this you’d start thinking about plots revolving around mad science, interdimensional creatures or aliens.

Density control is a very flexible power, that lends itself to creative use in play.

Like all the pregenerated characters in the book Aquila is presented here as an ‘end of season one’ character. He’s mastered his powers, developed a few new ones and defeated his first villains. If you played him as a starter character you might only have access to the density control power. If you played him as an ‘origin story’ you’d start out as an NASA astronaut / scientist who’d just had his first tattoo and was about to undertake an experimental mission.

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