Introducing Amazing Lessons and Using Amazing Tales Therapeutically

Two of the most common questions I’ve had since releasing Amazing Tales have been. ‘Can you use this in a classroom’ and ‘Could you use this for therapy?’. To which my answers have been along the lines of ‘Probably, but since I’m neither a teacher or a therapist I don’t have much to contribute’.

Well, now I do. Thanks to Baz Stevens and Lilly Smith who are respectively a primary school teacher and a child therapist. Both have made extensive use of Amazing Tales in their work, and now they’ve put together some guidance for anyone who wants to follow in their steps.

Amazing Lessons is Baz’s guide to using Amazing Tales in the classroom. He talks about the overlap between teaching and games mastering, the ways Amazing Tales can be used to support the curriculum and what the process of playing a game with 30 players looks like.

Using Amazing Tales Therapeutically is Lilly’s introduction to the use of games as therapy. The six page guide includes advice on teamwork, social problem solving, impulse control, creativity and fine motor skills. 

Amazing Lessons and Using Amazing Tales Therapeutically are both availble for free via DriveThruRPG.

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