Captain Cadava Sails!

A seemingly chance encounter puts the heroes on the trail of the long lost treasure of the feared Captain Cadava. 

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Shiver your timbers, hoist the mainsail. Swab out the bilges and splice the mainbrace!

Captain Cadava’s Treasure, the second campaign for Amazing Tales is a thrilling pirate adventure within which your heroes can swashbuckle their way across the seven seas, explore seedly pirate strongholds and ancient jungle temples. Come face to face with sea-monsters, dinosaurs and, most terrifying of all, Captain Cadava himself!

Captain Cadava’s Treasure is available for download from DriveThruRPG

In Captain Cadava’s Treasure you will find a pirate campaign made up of:

  • Four adventures, each good for hours of play
  • Four full page, colour illustrations by Ayu Marques
  • A map showing all seven pirate seas
  • Random encounter tables for the pirate seas, providing endless piratical adventure
  • The Reef Challenge, a puzzle of seamanship

To complete the quest the heroes will have to

  • Investigate Deeptown, a deadly pirate stronghold
  • Brave the wreck of the Rotten Oak in the mysterious Sunken Sea
  • Explore a long lost temple on a jungle island
  • Deal with a pair of treacherous pirates
  • Face off against the deadly (and dead) Captain Cadava

Captain Cadava’s Treasure was made possible by the supporters of the Big Book of Amazing Tales kickstarter. 

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