Amazing Adventures and free rules

Just because you’re locked down doesn’t mean you can’t take your family on an adventure. And because a lot of us could do with that right now I’m releasing the complete rules for Amazing Tales and a series of one page adventures for free. So whether you’re a role-playing veteran, or someone who’s never thought about setting foot in an imaginary world until today – I hope you find them useful.

The Rules

The Two Page Quickstart rules for Amazing Tales.

The Adventures

The Witch and the Willow: Cracked Sorrybranch, a mean willow tree has captured Maybeth Pickleberry, a kind witch, and is keeping her in a magic sleep. Before she was caught Maybeth cast a spell to make fairy lights that would bring help, but she didn’t finish it in time. Now the spell is leading lots of small animals into Bracklands Gully. (A Deep Dark Wood adventure)

Of Dragons and Dwarves: The town of Sweetgrass is beset by small earthquakes and strange rumbling noises from below the ground. The cause is Grom, an escaped golem from the nearby dwarven mine. Grom’s digging could soon collapse the ground under the whole town! (A Magical Kingdoms adventure)

The Race to the Rock: The heroes follow a treasure map to Eagles’ Rock pursued by the ferocious Captain Brimstone and his ship The Devil’s Galleon. After passing through many hazards the heroes must scale a perlious cliff to reach the treasure, and face its giant guardian. (A Pirate Seas adventure)

The Megarathi Mission: The heroes are sent on a secret mission to infiltrate an enemy base on Planet Tora Prime and rescue the scientist Jor Mila. Jor Mila has information that the evil Admiral Blex is planning an attack on earth. Can the heroes stop him? (An adventure Among the Stars)

A Very Rainy Day: Heavy rains and floods make life difficult along the river bank. Can the heroes keep the residents safe? A Very Rainy Day is specially written for very little gamers. (A Deep Dark Wood adventure)

The Warlock of the Ruins: The crazed warlock Sable Darkmoor has returned to his keep, and is preying on residents of the nearby town of Farrowdale. The heroes must venture into his dungeons to rescue them and stop his plan to summon the hideous and hungry frog demon Slibbobobuleth. (A Magical Kingdoms adventure)

Sailing the Upside Down Sea: The heroes find themselves magically transported beneath the ocean. They’ll have to deal with underwater pirates, a sea witch and a mischevious mermaid if they’re going to make it back to the surface. (A Pirate Seas adventure)

The Birthday Party: His excellency T’Korum, the Xilensian Ambassador to the United Worlds is celebrating his third birthday, which makes him 399 in human years. President Vendergast, the very formal President of the United Worlds is throwing a party for him aboard Space Station Lalande and has asked the heroes to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Princess Melody and the Spider Witch: Bushybrow, an excitable squirrel comes running up to the heroes and blurts out the news that the kind Princess Melody has been kidnapped by the hungry Spider Witch and taken to her dark castle on the mountain. The heroes have to rescue her!

The Tower of Frost: The cold-hearted Frost King is sending snow to punish Sunrise Village for mining in his mountain. To end the snows the heroes must scale a high peak and investigate a mysterious tower.

Black Jack’s Curse: A message in a bottle leads the heroes to a castaway, who directs them to a pirate treasure. But Black Jack won’t give his treasure up easily!

Station Obscura: An excavation on a dead planet reveals puzzles and adventure!

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