Welcome to Rescue City

Rescue City is a big, bustling place. Its got skyscrapers, stadiums, a dock, a fairground, a train-station, a concert hall, museums and an airport. Life is good in Rescue City, but it does have problems. Problems like fires, hurricanes and earthquakes. Problems like gangs of clever criminals and people getting sick. Fortunately Rescue City has plenty of heroes to protect its citizens. The kind of heroes you might meet just walking down the street.

The new Amazing Tales setting. Available at DriveThruRPG

What is Rescue City?

Rescue City is an additional setting for Amazing Tales. It includes:

  • Character descriptions for Firefighters, Police Officers and Medics
  • 21 new skill descriptions
  • Advice on making up stories for kids in real world settings
  • Tips to bring Rescue City to life
  • Ten story seeds

It also includes a suggestion for a different way of structuring games of Amazing Tales – A busy day in Rescue City. 

Rescue City is available from DriveThruRPG for $1.99

Note that Rescue City is not illustrated.

Why play games in Rescue City?

I was inspired to write Rescue City by a comment on the Amazing Tales Facebook pages. Someone mentioned that they’d asked their kid what kind of hero they wanted to be in a game of Amazing Tales and they’d replied ‘Firefighter’. Which reminded me just how much young kids love all the emergency services. 

It also tied in with another discussion that’s been going on around Amazing Tales – coming up with stories that are non-violent in nature, but still exciting. The heroes of Rescue City come up against difficult and dangerous challenges all the time, but they don’t solve their problems by fighting – giving Rescue City games a different feel.

Rescue City is a perfect setting for kids who love to use their toys when playing Amazing Tales. So it’s time to get out those Lego firetrucks and Playmobil doctors; find the dress up police set they got for Christmas and go have an adventure together! 

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