Shadow vs T-Rex

Kris and Big sent us this account of their first ever game of Amazing Tales. As you can see they had an epic and prehistoric time. If you’ve got an Amazing Tale to share send it in, or share it in our Facebook group.

Big (a real life five year old boy with a great imagination) is a crystal raptor. This is a raptor dinosaur made of crystal so that he’s almost invincible. His name is Shadow, and his best talent is clawing and tearing things with his razor sharp claws. He can also run super-duper mega-fast (adjectives supplied by Big), build things, and swim.

Amazing Tales Character

Shadow lives in a hilly forest with a nice stream running through the middle and between the hills. One day, as Shadow takes his morning walk to the stream for a refreshing drink and to catch a few breakfast fish, he hears a small mewling sound. Upon investigation, he finds a tiny baby triceratops (Meepmeep) who seems to be all alone.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Tyrannosaurus Rex can be heard in the distance. He’s coming closer! Shadow grabs Meepmeep and takes off running.

[Roll for run. Miss!] Shadow’s weighed down by Meepmeep and can’t get away as fast as easily as usual. T Rex is now right behind Shadow, almost in chomping distance.

[Roll for build. Critical hit!] Shadow quickly puts Meepmeep down and, with his outstanding building ability crafts a strong wall out of forest material right in front of T. Rex. As T. Rex moves to go around the wall, Shadow builds even further. Eventually, there is a wall dividing the full length of the forest into two halves – Shadow and Meepmeep on one side and T. Rex on the other.

Shadow and Meepmeep settle down to enjoy their belated breakfast and rest for a bit. T. Rex can be heard thumpthumpthumping along the wall looking for a way to break through. Just as Shadow starts relaxing, he hears a desolate sound from Meepmeep. Meepmeep explains that he’s sad and worried because his mother is caught on the other side of the wall with T. Rex.

Shadow comes up with a plan to save Meepmeep’s mom. He’ll hide Meepmeep in the safe half of the forest, then take down a small portion of the wall atop the river. He’ll swim through the river so that T. Rex doesn’t notice him.

[Roll swim. Hit!] Shadow stealthily swims underwater past T. Rex. T. Rex continues stomping along the wall while Shadow searches the dangerous side of the forest for Meepmeep’s mom. He finds her and begins the trek back to Meepmeep on the safe side.

[Roll swim. Hit!] Shadow and Meepmeep’s mom make it past T. Rex by swimming underwater to the safe side of the island. From his hiding place, Meepmeep spots his mom and runs over in excitement. The rush of movement catches T. Rex’s attention, and he once again tries to break through the wall. He finds the weak spot where Shadow had to remove part of the wall to cross over. T. Rex starts making his way through.

[Roll build. Miss!] Shadow tries to hurriedly rebuild that portion of the wall, but does not finish in time. Now T. Rex is on the same side of the forest as Shadow, Meepmeep, and Meepmeep’s mom! T. Rex gets even closer, eyeing the group hungrily.

[Roll fight. Hit!] Shadow uses his razor sharp claws to defend Meepmeep and his mom. T. Rex is injured in the scuffle and takes a few steps backwards.

[Roll build. Hit!] In the brief period while T. Rex is recovering from Shadow’s attack, Shadow very quickly rebuilds the missing portion of the wall, effectively shutting T. Rex on the other side of the forest again.

Rex continues thumping along the wall looking for another way through but seems to be stuck on his side of the forest. Shadow, Meepmeep, and Meepmeep’s mom live together happily ever after as a family, safe from T. Rex.

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