Amazing Tales Lesson Plan

Just before the summer I wrote about Amazing Tales in the classroom. In particular what happened when my friend Baz Stevens of the Smart Party podcast ran a game for his class.


In that post I promised that a lesson plan would be forthcoming, and here it is. Baz provides some explanation:

“I’ve attached the files for my lesson planning for the Amazing Tales lessons. I pitched these at my year 4 class and it went down incredibly well. I think it could be run as-is for any year in Key Stage 2 (7-11). Teachers looking at this will be able to see what’s going on, and will adjust for their own differentiation and text subject. Mine’s sci fi, but they can do whatever.

I’ve also included two Smartnote files. This is a commonly used teaching software that can be used on interactive whiteboards. The second file is full of imagery which the teacher can use to spur on the story. I only used two or three in the lesson myself, but they’re all there if needed. Again, teachers can and will customise to suit.”

Download the files here. 

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