RPG a Day 26-31

26. Which RPG provides the most useful resources?

I’m one of those gamers who likes everything in one book. I’m not a fan of DM screens, custom dice, campaign expansions and the like. So I’m not well placed to answer this question.

But, as I’ve got older, and had less time, I’ve come to appreciate the value of the pre-written scenario. So I’m going to suggest Goodman Games. There stuff is very genre specific, but it’s very very good at what it does.

And then there’s the fact that the most useful resource a game can have is a community. I’ve never played much D&D, but in recent months I’ve been poking around the D&D community and simply as a function of its size it produces some amazing content, way more than any publisher could ever hope to. So that’s my other answer, good ol’ D&D.

27. What are your essesntial tools for good gaming?

A good table and chairs.

28. What film/series is the biggest source of quotes in your group?

We’ve been playing a Star Wars campaign lately. I think you can work it out from there.

29. What has been the best run RPG kickstarter you’ve ever backed?

I don’t know. They basically either deliver on time or they don’t, right? So I’ll use this opportunity to give a shout out to my friends who ran the Lovecraftesque kickstarter. Which did indeed deliver on time, and has provided an excellent game.

30. What is an RPG Genre Mashup you would most like to see?

One of the nice things about gaming with kids is that they don’t really know about genres. They don’t have a notion that spaceships belong over there, with one set of conventions, while fairies go over there with another.

Amazing Tales provides four settings that kids will recognise from the stories and shows adults have provided for them, but my kids have been more than happy to mix and match stuff in their requests for games.

And really, which Genre would you choose for a giant robot T-rex with four arms?


31. What do you anticipate most in gaming in 2018?

A lot more parents and kids playing games together. That’s the goal.


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