Take your kids on an adventure in your own home with Amazing Tales

Have you ever made up a story with your kids? Have you ever wished it could go on a little longer?

Amazing Tales is a role-playing game for kids aged four and up to play with their parents. It’s a way for kids and parents to share their imaginations, making up fantastic adventures together.

When you play Amazing Tales you make up a story with your child. It takes between half an hour and an hour, and neither of you knows how it’s going to end. At times you’ll roll dice to see what happens next, and the result is going to be amazing. What kind of stories might we make up?

What kind of stories might we make up?

You can make up whatever kind of story you want. But Amazing Tales comes with suggestions for four different settings for adventures that kids love.

The Deep Dark Wood: In the Deep Dark Wood you will find trees that move by themselves, animals that talk, and fairies who look after the forest. Heroes in the forest are fairies or talking animals.

Magical Kingdoms Long Ago: In the magical kingdoms you will find kings and queens, warriors and wizards, dragons, unicorns and giants. Heroes can explore the kingdoms as a prince or princess, witch or wizard, knight or explorer.

Pirate Seas: The Pirate Seas are an exciting and dangerous place. Set sail as a pirate to hunt for treasure, explore forgotten islands, befriend the mermaids, fight seas monsters, and brave the wild blue yonder.

Adventures Beyond the Stars: Far beyond Planet Earth lies a world of adventure. Gleaming spaceships voyage from planet to planet, man meets alien, robots talk, and a universe awaits to be explored. Heroes can take to the stars as a space ranger, robot, alien, or scientist.

Is it really simple enough for four year olds?

The rules for Amazing Tales are very simple. When you make up a hero you come up with four things they can do, like ‘Talking to animals’, ‘Inventing things’ or ‘Fighting monsters’. Each skill has a different dice associated with it. When a hero wants to do something exciting, and it might not work, they roll the dice associated with their skill. If they get a three or more they succeeded!

What four skills would you give this brave adventurer?

What do we need to play?

You’ll need a place to sit or snuggle up. You might want a piece of paper and something to draw with. You’ll want some dice, ideally gaming dice with different numbers of sides, but an ordinary six sided dice is enough, or you can use an online dice roller, like the one built into google.

If you’re not familiar with gaming dice you can order them online. A set of 7 polyhedral dice is what you want.

They’ve got everything they need for an Amazing Tale

So what’s in the book?

In the 104 pages of Amazing Tales you’ll find…

The short and simple Amazing Tales rules. So simple a four year old will be able to explain them. Flexible enough to cope with the most imaginative requests.

Advice on creating Amazing Tales with your child. Covering the specific challenges of making up stories that work for kids, different ways of handling fights in children’s games, ways to make non-violent stories exciting, and ways to keep magic magic.

Four complete settings. From the Deep Dark Wood to Beyond the Stars. Each setting includes advice on creating characters, suggested skills, and ten story seeds to get your adventures off to an amazing start.

A starter adventure. The Witch and the Owl is a simple scenario to get any family’s adventures off to a great start.

30 pages of full colour artwork to inspire young minds

What does a game look like?

Here’s a video of me, playing a game with my two children.

Where can I get it?

Over 10,000 copies sold! We’ve sold over 10,000 copies of Amazing Tales. Take a look at our reviews and customer feedback.