The Amazing Tales Story

Today was one of the bi-weekly departmental meetings at work, and since I’m the head of the department, I get to set the agenda. And so, by way of inspiration I thought I’d share the story of how I’ve developed Amazing Tales, what I’ve learned and where it might go next.

This wasn’t just showboating, the team I run are all communciations / digital / engagement professionals, and working with design and development, audience testing and the like is relevant to our day to day work. At the start of the Amazing Tales project I’d set out to try some techniques related to audience centered design and it was time to share the learnings.

And it was a ton of fun. It was great to go back through my notes from interviewing parents about roleplaying with their kids, and to revisit my research findings. I talked about the whether or not to do a Kickstarter decision, and how Lightning Source is basically what makes this project possible.

And I got to go back to the concept sketches and being able to show the development of some of the images. I’ve learned a lot about giving feedback on this project, and about the need for ideas and concepts to percolate for a bit.

Best of all though was the enthusiastic reactions of the team, we finished the session with ten minutes of playing the game, because as gamers know, the best way to explain what a roleplaying game is, is to play one.

Progress report

I know, there haven’t been updates for a while. But Amazing Tales has been progressing quietly behind the scenes. How far along are we?

  • The text is finished, the game is written!
  • The text is being laid out for publication
  • Most of the illustrations are complete
  • We’ve just about finished the front and back covers

That, is a lot of progress. How much more is there to do? Well, a bit. Once layout and illustrations are finished then we’ve got to have Drivethru rpg deliver a sample copy, check it’s good, make any remaining changes and then we’ll have a book that’s ready for the world.

To give an idea of how things are looking these days – here’s a finished piece of artwork, showing a fairy from the Deep Dark Wood. The finished book will probably have around 25 full page pieces like this, all by the wonderful iris of

male fairy web.jpg